Flying Terms of Use

We ask you to follow the BMFA regulations for model flying. The key points of these are Be Lawful – Be Safe – Be Responsible and we would draw your attention to:

Line of Sight

You must operate your aircraft within visual line of sight (VLOS).

If flying first person view, you must have a competent observer next to you who maintains VLOS with your aircraft.

Free flight aircraft must not be deliberately flown beyond VLOS.

Fly Safely

You must not endanger the safety of any uninvolved person or any vessel, vehicle or structure not under your control when you fly your unmanned aircraft.

For aircraft under 7.5kg, do not fly within:

  • 30mm of uninvolved people
  • 30m horizontal distance from an assembly of people

The distance can be reduced to 15m for take-off and landing in some circumstances

For aircraft over 7.5kg, do not fly within:

  • 30mm of uninvolved people
  • 50m horizontal distance from an assembly of people

Registered and competent

  • It is a legal requirement for most model flyers to register as an Operator with the CAA (if 18 or over) and have evidence of their competency (regardless of age).
  • A CAA Operator ID number must be displayed on (or be easily accessible within) the aircraft.

You Are Responsible

  • You are legally responsible for ensuring that your flights are conducted safely. It is essential that you are aware of the laws which apply.
  • Failure to operate lawfully could result in criminal prosecution.

To read the full details of the Article 16 please click here.

You must be able to produce evidence of insurance and CAA compliance.

No jets or noisy models.

Fly safely with common sense.